Among the first private boning companies nationwide, Umberto Boschi and his son Giovanni began their business in 1972.
In 2007, Disossatura Langhiranese overhauled and expanded the plant to meet increased customer demands and improve the organization and quality of the work environment.
Initially specializing in boning for pre-sliced, under the leadership of Luca (Giovanni’s son), since 2023 the company has been extending its field toward traditional boning, adding the production of slices, adornments, and pressed products, thus moving to processing ham at 360 degrees.



  • Certified According to the IFS-BRC Standard
  • Export Canada Authorization
  • Japan Export Authorization
  • Taiwan Export Authorization
  • USA Export Authorization
  • Argentina Export Authorization
  • Export Australia Authorization
  • Export authorization Chile
  • Hong Kong Export Authorization
  • Authorization for Organic Product Transformation

Where is Disossatura Langhiranese

We’re in Strada Mulino Fabiola, 14, 43013
Langhirano (PR)

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