The Firm

Up until the end of the 60's, the majority of the prosciutto produced was boned by the buyers themselves or within the delicatessens, given that there was nobody specialised in that particular field. In fact, the boning was carried out by nearly all of the workers as required. azienda In the early 70's, due to the definitive shift (from traditional to industrial) in the production and manufacturing of Parma Ham within the Food Valley, the role of workers specialised in boning was born. It was precisely these specialised workers who established the first traditional boning businesses. Amongst them was Umberto Boschi and his son, Giovanni, who in 1972 opened their own deboning business working by hand and boning around 100 legs a day using solely a gouge and knife and sewing the deboned hams with a needle and thread.
In 1985 after the transfer to the new premises at number 14, Via Mulino Fabiola and thanks to the periodic introduction of new processing systems, Disossatura Langhiranese boned from 250-300 legs of prosciutto daily. The 90's saw a period of great production increase, rising to 700-800 legs of prosciutto a day. Since the year 2000, Disossatura Langhiranese has specialized exclusively in the boning of hams ready for pre-slicing. Lastly, in 2007 the management made an important investment; to completely revisit the establishment and to expand the available floor area so as to satisfy the bigger requests from clients, to improve organisation and to better the working environment, bringing about the production of around 2500-2800 units a day.